Some Dev gifs from my new game I'm prototyping in Game Maker Studio. It's going to be a space fighter bullet hell type game with semi procedural generated levels. Most of these gifs are zoomed in to focus on the action, the actual playable screen is much bigger (shown further down).

First mechanic test.

This shows my first thoughts on how to show the player the information they need without making a HUD. My plan is to have all the information shown by circle indicators on the ship, however there is a lot of information to show so I have my work cut out for me on how to make it as clean and simple as I can.

Compass element

As I was play testing I realized that everything was moving WAY too fast to be able to dodge enemy bullets so I slowed everything down. I also added a compass element that points towards the nearest enemy so you don't have to fly blindly around the map to find enemies.

I also made it so that mouse clicks spawn XP for testing purposes. This also shows the three rings for leveling up.

full screen

This shows the full screen that the player will see. Now things are starting to get a little crazy, but still fun to play (at least I think so). I also added a temporary boosting mechanic because sometimes you just gotta run away.

Bonus cat ship gif