This past week I've been adding fun things that help make the game an actual game, stuff like new enemy types, a boss (that still needs a lot of work) some new graphics, and level completion mechanics. Above you can see a new powerup (that's way too overpowered currently), and the new enemy type "Lightning Bugs".

ssg shake.gif


It's important for games to "feel good", and an easy way to do that is add a little camera shake when certain things happen. It makes the action feel more alive, and that makes it more fun to play.

ssg explosion 2.gif


Here you can see the evolution of the explosions.  I'm creating them using a particle system and had to figure out what settings worked best. The first one was too boring, the second one was a bit too crazy (but I kind of like it anyway) and the third is a little more subdued. I'm still not done tweaking it, but at least now they are in the game.