What's new?

New graphics, new enemies, new environmental obstacles, and a new GameMaker! 

New Enemies

Three new enemies added, the Buzzsaw, Elite Shooter, and the Kamikaze (not shown). Buzzsaw has a shield and energy blades. The Elite Shooter is a slightly smaller and faster version of the generic shooting enemy. The Kamikaze ships spawn at a later difficulty and fly towards you and explode on contact.

New Trails

The old thruster trail system I had was very resource heavy since I was using instances. I switched over to a particle system, which kind of looks better, and takes hardly any resources. Now I can have at least 60 enemies on screen all shooting and not lose frames.

New Beacon art

The old Beacons looked lame and didn't have any graphical changes when activated which led to some confusion. The new Beacons look a lot better and clearly show when they are activated. I still might revise this art in the future, but for now it's good.

Environmental Obstacles

The level design for this game has pretty much been non existent before now. Essentially just a random spawning of asteroids and that's it. That makes it hard to know where you are in the level, and it's boring. So I'm working on some new environmental elements (placeholder art for now). On the left are wall blocks that will create physical landmarks that will help you know where you are on the map. On the right is a "space cloud" that slows all ships down. This serves as a landmark but also a hazard that you can potentially use to your advantage.